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It all started downtown

I was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia and made my way to Niagara in 2010 with my partner Simon, who was raised and has family here. Having been involved in small scale farming and owning a food truck I immediately fell in love with Niagara and it's amazing growing potential and food and wine scene. We started out here by setting up our little food truck downtown Niagara Falls on St. Claire Ave and it was very early on that I began to see the real Niagara, I grew to love what it had to offer but felt frustration with where I thought it was failing.

Then there was Main and Ferry

After having grown quite close to some of the people downtown Niagara Falls, an opportunity was presented to us and  we moved up to Main and Ferry and opened The Regal Diner, our incarnation of a piece of Niagara Falls' history since 1936. I have learned so much about Niagara Falls and it's history and people during my time serving at the diner, but time and again situations and circumstances keep presenting themselves that tell me that I could do more here in Niagara Falls than serve great food and have all the thousands of conversations  I  have with both locals, and guests to our city regarding all facets of Niagara Falls and the surrounding region.

For years I have been a part of  so many broad and meaningful discussions with so varied a group of people, and I have listened attentively. I have been given a very special position which truly does give me a sweeping perspective of what real, actual, day-to-day people here in Niagara Falls think, how they truly feel, and why.

And this unique perspective has led me into running for council, from constantly hearing the great division between what people say they want from council,  and then seeing what is finally delivered; and the chasm is wide.

We have many problems and need solutions

I'm so privileged to have the chance to get to know and love all of the different types of people that make up the fabric of this amazing energy filled place called Niagara Falls, but it also breaks my heart. We have an opiod crisis, a homelessness crisis, mental health crisis, affordable housing crisis, gross environmental negligence and so many other problems, yet we are rich, we have millions of people from all over the world who know about us and come to us, we have bountiful farmland, amazing wine country and two Great Lakes, we have a beautiful gorge and that spectacular waterfall, we are Niagara Falls, Canada, we've got a lot going for us but we can do better. I want to be part of that positive progress. 

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